Francis Bacon. Self Portrait, 1971.

Francis bacon. Self portrait, 1973.

I wanted Paul to be like the figures that obsessively return in Bacon: faces eaten by something coming from the inside. Bernardo Bertolucci.


The air was black, and in patches it smelt of smoke. Scattered amongst the heaps of refuse there were braziers and broken packing cases that bore witness to the presence of secret human… Continue reading

Portrait. January, 2014.

Portrait. February, 2013.

Portrait. November, 2013.

Empty Space.

Each step in one’s spiritual development is the result of definite experiences. Arthur Koestler.

Self Portrait. November, 2013(revised July 2014).


Yes, that’s certain, that event, that crime, that infinitesimal pulsation that rises inside one, reverberates, re-echoes, really hurts, before withering away and perishing in the form of words. J.M.G. Le Clezio.

Cimabue. Crucifixion (detail), 1280.