Maria del Carmen Mondragon Valseca, 1924.

John Maybury. Love is the Devil, 1998.


And the spirit of darkness spread a shroud over me…everything was silent-everything. But up in the heights soughed the ever lasting song, the voice of the air, the distant, toneless humming which is… Continue reading

Paul Gauguin. Self Portrait, 1888.

Vincent Van Gogh. Sorrow, 1882.

The model is a 32 year old pregnant prostitute by the name of Cassina Maria Hoornik who committed suicide at the age of 54 by drowning. Both beautiful and tragic.

Vincent Van Gogh. Self Portrait with Dark Felt Hat, 1886.

Suitcase of Dreams.


Besides, you never know what effect an image has on you. Images enter your brain, and then you just don’t know how they are assimilated or absorbed. They’re transformed, but you don’t know… Continue reading

Delirium.November, 2014.

She was holding a sheet of parchment in her hand-your death sentence, in which your guilt and the reasons for your execution were recorded. Arthur Schnitzler.

Frank Auerbach. Head of E. O. W. 1960.