It would be nice to be able to prophesy, but it is even better to be forewarned, instead of seeing absolutely nothing in the future other than the disasters that are bound to… Continue reading


And if, deprived of physical power, one tries to create thoughts instead of children, one is still very much part of humanity. Vincent Van Gogh


However, I shan’t labour the point, because I realise that life carries us along so fast that we haven’t the time to talk and work as well. That is the reason why with… Continue reading

Portrait March 2020(Revised November 2020).

Crucifixion After Velazquez. October 2020.


I’m not sure who called this condition ‘ being struck by death and immortality’ . The cab one is pulling along must be of some use to people one does not know. And… Continue reading

Portrait Of R. October 2020.

Red Crucifixion. May 2012 – February 2013.


Tell him that I long most of all to learn how to produce those inaccuracies, those very aberrations, reworkings, transformations of reality, as may turn into well – a lie if you like… Continue reading