Amedeo Modigliani.Adrienne(Woman with Bangs), 1917.


Oskar Kokoschka. Crucifixion, 1911.

Oskar Kokoschka. Self Portrait With Arms Folded,1923.

Room in Manchester.

Elim Klimov. Come and See, 1985.

Room in London.

Jonathan Meese. The Dictatorship of Art Now, Manifesto. 2008.

Portrait. June, 2016.


Many doctors are drawn to this profession(psychology) because they have an innate deficiency of insight into the motives, feelings and thoughts of others, a deficiency they hope to remedy by ingesting masses of… Continue reading


Happiness is a by-product of function, purpose and conflict; those who seek happiness for itself seek victory without war. William S. Burroughs